New York Building Congress honors Suri Kasirer

“New York Building Congress honors Suri Kasirer at the 2017 Industry Recognition Gala” [left to right] Carlo Scissura (President of NY Building Congress), Marc Holliday (Chief Executive Officer of SL Green Realty Corp), Suri Kasirer (President of Kasirer LLC)11/16/17

NY1 Consultants Corner with Suri Kasirer July 31, 2017

“Discussion of Mayor de Blasio’s Response to Transit Union Advertising Campaign”NY1 Consultants Corner

Suri on NY1 Consultants Corner, June 19, 2017

“Consultants Analyze the Deadlock Over Mayoral Control of City Schools and More”NY1 Consultants Corner

Suri on NY1 Consultants Corner

“Consultants Grade the Mayor’s Choice to Fund Raise Out of State”NY1 Consultants Corner

Suri Kasirer - Coro - 30 Years of Visionary Leaders

“30 Years of Visionary Leaders”Coro New York Leadership
Center Awards Gala

Suri Kasirer - Arab American Experience Interview

“A Thousand and One Journeys:
The Arab Americans”
Documentary film (excerpt)
by Abe Kasbo