For two decades Kasirer has been an industry leader—advocating on behalf of our clients, achieving results, and making a difference because we understand what it takes to succeed in the most dynamic, complex, exciting, and diverse city in the world. Consistency, service, results—have made us the #1 government relations firm in the #1 city on earth.

We are New Yorkers. We are strategists and problem solvers. We are expert navigators, with an understanding and appreciation of complicated systems, complicated solutions.

We build coalitions and consensus to win support for our clients—across industries, interests, approvals, all levels of government.

In a city where politics and policy often meet, we know how to influence both. In a city with highly local priorities and highly global reach, we know whom to reach.

We know the story as well as the subtext. We know from experience how to apply lessons we learned 15 years ago—or 15 minutes ago—to succeed in whatever comes next.

Our clients are leaders in real estate and financial services, not-for-profit educational, social service and cultural institutions, health care and hospitality, media and entertainment—and nearly any other sector seeking support from the government, the community, the city, the state.

Whether that means helping a client win a $1 billion city procurement or plant a million trees, secure capital funding or a liquor license, Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) approval or a landmark public health or homeless or emergency food initiative, we achieve results.

We are insiders and advocates, in every sense committed to the goals of our clients—to lobbying in ways that are vital to the evolving, enduring story of this city.

Our services include:

  • Advocacy
  • Community relations
  • Coalition building
  • Issue, policy, and legislative advocacy campaigns
  • Crisis management
  • Capital and expense funding
  • Entitlements, zoning, and permit approvals