Every day, we advance the business of our clients and realize new possibilities for their collaborations with New York. We work across an expansive range of industries, interests, and investments.

Our goal is simple. From real estate to the arts to health care and social services to media and entertainment, from technology to transportation to education to hospitality, we advance our clients’ interests and help them realize their objectives within New York and beyond.

Our approach is less simple: we accomplish your goals by designing creative strategies that differentiate you from your competitors, that build an ever-expanding powerful network of relationships and supporters to position you for success, and that engage you with key decision makers in government and elected office.

Our Services


  • Developing and executing strategic plans designed to engage decision makers in government and elected office to achieve concrete goals for our clients.

Cannabis Advisory

Community relations

  • Identifying community leaders and other stakeholders with interest in a client’s project, mapping out a customized plan to build support for a plan that addresses community concerns, and engaging the community with government and elected officials in support of that plan.

Coalition building

  • Identifying the intersecting interests of community stakeholders, influencers, third party organizations, and labor to craft a coalition of support in favor of a client’s project or objective, developing effective messaging for the campaign, and leveraging the coalition’s support with key government and elected officials.

Issue, policy, and legislative advocacy campaigns

  • Coordinating campaigns designed to achieve specific policy and legislative goals: clarifying and articulating a client’s goals, developing policy and legislative proposals, identifying and cultivating champions, building and leveraging coalitions of third party supporters, coordinating public hearings, negotiating legislative language, and navigating clients through the process of impacting policy and/or passing legislation every step of the way.

Crisis management

  • Swiftly and effectively engaging in crisis situations, coordinating strategies for communicating with regulatory and other government officials, aligning the government affairs and public affairs strategies and messaging and guiding clients through complicated and delicate crisis management and reputation preservation and rebuilding.

Capital and expense funding

  • Positioning clients to successfully pursue funding opportunities with City government, developing strategies to build support for each client’s funding requests, and successfully securing funding.

Entitlements, zoning, and permit approvals

  • Conceiving and advising on strategy with government and elected officials, community interests, and other stakeholders to achieve successful entitlements through processes including ULURP, BSA, and LPC. Engaging with affected agencies such as DOB, DOT, DPR, SBS, DEP and more to achieve permit approvals.

Liquor Licenses

  • Build and execute government and community relations strategies to position clients to secure approvals by community boards and the State Liquor Authority for liquor license applications.