Julie Greenberg

executive vice president

Julie Greenberg: Executive Vice-PresidentJulie Greenberg has more than two decades of experience as a government and public affairs specialist. She began her career as a legislative analyst with the New York State assembly speaker’s office. She went on to serve as chief of staff to then-assembly member (now New York City Comptroller) Scott Stringer and as NYC political director for the 2002 McCall-Mehiel gubernatorial campaign.

She joined Kasirer in 2002, offering clients a rare depth of insider expertise. As Stringer’s chief of staff, Julie was responsible for creating and supervising a full-scale, cross-channel legislative, communications, and media relations strategy—everything from analyzing local impact to placing national op-eds. In her other governmental and political capacities, Julie developed an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of New York on both city and state levels.

Her understanding of procedure and policy—as well as of the people empowered to make decisions—gives Julie a unique niche at Kasirer. She manages some of the firm’s most complex assignments, often working with City Hall and negotiating multiagency approvals. She also serves as liaison to local community boards, borough presidents’ offices, New York State assembly and senate members, New York City councilmembers and New York’s federal representatives.

Julie’s success in navigating government regulatory and administrative procedures on behalf of our real estate clients include environmental and zoning appeals, ULURP, building code approvals and tax issues. For our not-for-profit clients, she delivers highly specialized knowledge of the rules and regulations governing capital and expense funding and the role of cultural institutions in the public arena.

Julie is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, where she earned a BA in History and Political Science as well as a master’s degree in Political Science.