Selfhelp Community Services Honors Kasirer’s President Suri Kasirer at 2024 Gala

Selfhelp Community Services Honors Kasirer’s President Suri Kasirer at 2024 Gala

On May 29th, Selfhelp’s 2024 Gala paid tribute to three outstanding honorees: Lynne & Michael Wolitzer, BFC Partners, and Kasirer’s President, Suri Kasirer.

Selfhelp is the oldest and largest program serving Holocaust survivors in North America whose work continues to provide needed dignity and comfort for the thousands of seniors and at-risk populations as they grow older, and more frail.

Selfhelp CEO Stuart C. Kaplan presented the Elie Wiesel Humanitarian Award to Suri Kasirer. The Elie Wiesel Humanitarian Award is bestowed upon very select individuals who have dedicated their life’s work to supporting and advocating for the community and for tolerance among all people. The award is named for the extraordinary Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and peace activist, who shaped the world through his lifetime of transformative work.

Suri, founder of Kasirer, the city’s leading lobbying and government relations firm, is known by many as a champion for people, progress and policy. Suri’s father, a Holocaust survivor, was known for using influence and strategic thinking for good. His survival stories included some invaluable strategic lessons like the importance of understanding who the authority figures are, how decisions are made and how to make a plan.

He understood how resilience and knowledge are important to shaping the world and being sure that people can survive any calamity. Suri described absorbing the most important lesson from her father during her speech: “his sense of justice, strong survival instinct, his love of life and his desire to teach others.”

When presenting the award to Suri, Stuart referenced the words of the late Elie Wiesel: “One person of integrity can make a difference.” This holds true for Suri in so many ways, always remaining true to her passion for, and dedication to, enriching the lives of all New Yorkers.

Congratulations to all other honorees. Kasirer looks forward to continuing its partnership with Selfhelp in their commitment to survivors and their dedication to helping them continue to survive and thrive.

Watch Selfhelp’s video about Suri here:

Suri Kasirer pictured with her family at Selfhelp’s 2024 gala.
Suri Kasirer pictured with Stuart Kaplan, CEO of Selfhelp accepting the Elie Wiesel Humanitarian Award.
Suri providing acceptance remarks at Selfhelp’s 2024 Gala.
Honorees Lynne & Michael Wolitzer and Suri Kasirer with members of Selfhelp’s leadership.