Kasirer Spotlight-Madison Mounty

Kasirer Spotlight

Madison Mounty serves as Director of Government Relations, and Nonprofits, and primarily works to develop and support clients’ budgetary, policy, and advocacy needs. These responsibilities include preparing strategic plans for the upcoming year, tracking appropriate legislation, and identifying funding opportunities.

Madison Mounty
Tell us about your background and what brought you to Kasirer.

I always thought of myself as “politically savvy.” Growing up in Manhattan, I was exposed to the invigorating world of New York City politics early on. While an undergraduate student, I decided to apply for an internship at a smaller government relations firm where I was first introduced to lobbying. After graduating from Emory University, I decided to accept a position working for this firm full-time but I knew that I eventually wanted to be a part of a bigger firm that would offer more opportunities and exposure. I joined Kasirer in September of 2019 and am still so excited about being a part of the top lobbying firm in the city.

What do you like about working at Kasirer?

Kasirer’s excellence isn’t the only reason why I love it; it’s the people. I work closely with my colleagues, but also work with many inspiring non-profit clients. Nonprofit clients motivate me each day, while also giving me the opportunity to help a diverse variety of people across our city in need. Being on the nonprofit team at Kasirer also means that I can regularly attend events to support the organization and its mission, and interact with so many elected and government officials, and community leaders.

The city just finished up the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget. What was that experience like, what was the biggest challenge, and what were you most proud of accomplishing?

As a member of the nonprofit team, my role is to help clients meet or surpass their goals. This experience was a whirlwind. The city went through extreme changes in the fall with a new Administration, new council, a new speaker, and an entirely new dynamic within the council. This did not stop the nonprofit team from making sure that our clients’ needs were being addressed. Among many exciting budget successes for clients, I was able to secure the approval of a street co-naming for the 50th anniversary of Ballet Hispanico, and I worked to ensure Brooklyn Botanic Garden secured a much-needed $3 million capital award to renovate & revitalize their historic Garden. I also led organizations like Hot Bread Kitchen, restoring their Speaker funding, and the Children’s Village to position them for new, impactful partnerships with the city. I am proud of the great success that clients have and am committed to continuing to do so in the fiscal year 2024.

What should nonprofit clients be thinking about to position themselves strongly for the Fiscal Year 2024 budget?

I am a big advocate for staying ahead and being prepared. Although the fiscal year 2024 formally begins in January, it is a 12-month long process. With that being said, I am already working with clients and developing plans for the late summer and fall months. The best way to position clients is to leverage the quieter months by increasing engagement with elected officials. It is critical to cultivate a plan and form relationships so that when January comes, we can hit the ground running. I look forward to finding more unique ways to help clients succeed.

Favorite hobby, food, and TV show? Any pets?

When I’m not at work, I enjoy watching Friends, eating sushi, exploring the city, and researching the possibility of eventually bringing home a dachshund puppy. I recommend The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is an Amazon Prime original. I love that the series focuses on a Jewish housewife turned aspiring comedian from the Upper West Side, it will keep you on your toes and give you a laugh.